What makes Remotely Awesome Jobs so awesome?

Great question! There are lots of job post aggregators out there, and there are even a few that focus on remote work like we do.

We think Remotely Awesome Jobs is better than all those other sites for several reasons:

  • We crawl more sites. Period. Most other remote aggregators scrape the same three or four sites for job posts. We currently crawl ten and we're adding more every day.
  • Get daily job alerts without creating an account. Ugh. Who needs another password to remember? That'd be annoying.
  • We look amazing on mobile devices. We take responsive design seriously, and the site doesn't even need any Javascript to do its thing. We also don't have any huge images to slow you down.
  • We have job posts no one else has. Because employers can post job openings directly on our site.

We have a few more features up our sleeve too, so keep checking back and don't stop being awesome!

About Mike

Hi, my name is Mike Desjardins, and I built this website. I've been a remote worker since 2008, which means I get to live in Portland, Maine USA, which is the coolest little city on the planet. Even though I live way up here, I've worked for companies based in Virginia, New York City, Oregon, and Boston. I've had co-workers in places as far away as Turkey, Singapore, Uruguay, and New Zealand. As you can probably imagine, I'm a big fan of the book Remote by 37 signals.

I had a few different reasons for building this site. First, I wanted to have a simple, basic web application that I could showcase to prove to potential employers and/or clients that I know what I'm doing. This site is certainly simple and basic. I built it in my spare time when I could've been doing other things, so the goal wasn't to create the next Facebook.

The second reason I built this site was because I had amassed a folder of bookmarks in my browser for places to look for remote work, all with special URL parameters to get to the right query to find only those remote-friendly jobs I was interested in. It seemed silly to be checking a bunch of different sites instead of just aggregating them somewhere.

So the last reason to build it was because it was fun and pretty darned easy to build. This site isn't rocket science, but it fulfilled a few needs and was kinda neat to do from start to finish all on my own.

Hire me!

Occasionally I'm available for consulting and/or contracting work. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, I have a one-man consulting company called Ceres Logic where you can swing by and contact me. You can also check out my Github and LinkedIn profiles to learn a little more about me.

Thanks for stopping by, and don't stop being awesome!

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