Remote Working Tools: Another gem from the Buffer crew

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Buffer, and the remote-first culture they work hard to embrace. I recently stumbled across a YouTube video from back in 2014 where Buffer founders Joel Gascione and Leo Widrich discuss how they came to decide to be remote-first, as well as the tools that enable them to build an effective workplace.

Unfortunately, some of the tools they recommend (e.g., Sqwiggle and Hackpad) no longer exist! This reddit thread offers some alternatives to Sqwiggle, but most discussed alternatives to Hackpad seem to be small Wiki tools. Have any to recommend? Leave a note in the comments!

Among the tools that do still exist are the venerable Hipchat and Trello

They sought advice from David Cancel when deciding to go remote, and there's a quote from him that stood out to me having been a remote worker for several years - he told the Buffer folks to either be remote-first, or not remote at all. Going part way where you have only a quarter or so of your workforce working remotely doesn't work well, and I have to agree.

The full video is under 4 minutes and you can watch it above - enjoy!