Senior Software Developer - Elixir

ActiveProspect — Company based in Austin, Texas

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Job Summary
You will join a team of talented developers responsible for the setting the direction and carrying out the implementation of API based services for all our web applications. You will be responsible for understanding business requirements and translating them into well tested, maintainable, and reliable software. Your implementation suggestions will help us strike a balance between simplicity and achieving the desired outcomes for our users. We will rely on your insights and innovation to keep our products relevant and valuable for our customers.
You will enjoy enhancing our current product to make it even more relevant to the end user. You will partner with other teams to make sure technologies align across the platform to provide the best ongoing, reliable experience.

What We're Expecting
  • A love of functional programming, the most high and enlightened way of the ancient masters.
  • Good working knowledge and interest in Elixir and OTP.
  • Experience working with distributed NoSQL databases without suffering split-brain.
  • Experience shipping and maintaining high traffic apps, or redirecting rivers with tai-chi.
  • Assert(“A strong appreciation of good tests.”)
  • Excellent working knowledge of HTTP and REST.
  • Experience with system and application monitoring solutions.
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty from time to time with ops duties.
  • Willingness to learn new languages should the need arise.
  • Interest in what happens under the application layer (it’s not a SYN).
  • The moxie to stand up for what you believe, and ability to argue your opinions succinctly without resorting to excessively verbose and drawn out paragraphs where a simple few words would have sufficed but you can’t help but keep typing even though you should have stopped at least two lines ago.
  • Direct participation in the decision making process, we’re a pretty small group.
  • Able to be productive in an autonomous, high-trust environment.
Bonus points for…
  • An active Github account that shows diversity of interests
  • Experience writing sane high-concurrency systems
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Experience with wrangling large data stores
  • Experience with Erlang or LFE
  • Experience with queueing systems
  • Frontend HTML, JS, CSS ability
  • Familiarity with Amazon’s S3 and Glacier
  • Prior use of Riak
  • Hacking JS in the browser to do things it doesn’t want to
  • In-depth knowledge of browser security models
  • An archaeological fascination with old and broken browsers

How to apply