ReactJS Developer-Minneapolis, MN

Bhanu Pandey — Company based in Minneapolis, MN

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====>Resource must have developed single page applications.
====>Resource must have strong knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, ReactJS.
====>Backbone knowledge is desirable.
====>Resource should have strong Communication skills and ability to interact with clients.
====>Resource must have worked on GIT, Bitbucket, Visual Studio Code, Jira.
====>Scrum knowledge is desirable.
====>Resource should review the code per cognizant standards and check the code in repository.
====>Resource should deploy the code in lower/production environment by scheduling the change in ServiceNow.
====>Resource should be able to understand the mock-ups and able to develop the web pages.
====>Resource should have strong problem solving skills.
====>Resource should have the ability to co-ordinate with other developers and delivery the production.
====>Resource should update the develop status in JIRA tool to track.

How to apply

Please email resume at