Lead Astrodynamicist

Blackswan Technologies — Company based in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Is accuracy your passion? Are you obsessed with the math and the mechanics of space? Do you want to use your expertise to empower future space missions?

Then we want you on the team!

Blackswan Technologies is a software company focused on development of autonomous robotic space systems.

Our team is currently developing a simulation software for robotics space missions that is not only able to model orbital mechanics, physics, kinematics and dynamics accurately in a 3D environment, but also provides photo-realistic graphics. All of this will enable the training of autonomous robotics based on neural networks, a leap forward for the way future space missions are designed and carried out.

To launch your physics knowledge and abilities to new heights all while helping build the future of space, send us your CV today!

Job Description:
  • Serve as an expert conducting space mission analyzes. Develop, test, and improve simulation tools to perform these analyzes.
  • Conduct a range of modeling, simulation, and analysis in areas such as , orbit estimation, maneuver planning, rendezvous and proximity operations , and space situational awareness.
  • Performing detailed Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) checks of simulation input and results.

Job Requirements:
  • Significant knowledge of and familiarity with orbit determination and orbit propagation and the underlying physics.
  • Extensive experience using analytic software tools such as MATLAB, SIMULINK Systems Tool Kit, GMAT.
  • Proficiency with at least one of the scripting languages such as Python, Matlab, C++ 
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in aerospace engineering, mathematics, physics or other related technical or engineering discipline. 
  • Minimum one year of work experience in orbital mechanics, orbital dynamics, orbit design, and/or astrodynamics.

  • Having published papers and teaching experience related to astrodynamics.
  • Experience with any or all of the following: orbital debris analysis, reentry analysis, collision avoidance analysis, formation flying, rendezvous and proximity operations.

Job Location: Vilnius city center, Lithuania (preferable) or E-Work/Telecommuting

Employment Type: Full time

Working at Blackswan Technologies - What's in it for me?
  • Solve problems that have not been tackled yet with bleeding edge technology
  • Work alongside individuals who share your values and are passionate about space
  • Gain valuable experience working in a sector with huge demand
  • Have the ability to work on projects that match your passions
  • Company covered commute to/from the office in Vilnius with SPARK electric cars.



We are a software company focused on development of autonomous robotic space systems. 

We believe that the next big leap in the space frontier will be deploying autonomous systems on a large scale to solve such challenges as active debris removal, in orbit maintenance/repair and building of space infrastructure. 

Developing a software platform that would enable the adoption of AI to the traditional approaches of navigation and operations in space will be the key enabler to solving those challenges.

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