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About this job Job type: Full-time Role: Backend Developer, Mobile Developer Industry: Internet of Things, IT Security, Security Company size: 11–50 people Company type: Private Technologies Job description Update February 2020: How can you stay warm in the chilly winter? Curl up with your keyboard and hack in front of a warm fire! If you are interested in what you read below, please apply and we'll get you started on the process. The process starts with a technical puzzle that should take around an hour and will give you an idea of exactly what we mean by software deconstruction. Got questions? You'll get a short intro call right after the puzzle. This is the best place to raise any questions you might have. We have a special interest for candidates in the NYC region but if you can hack lets talk. We are anticipating a mid-2020 hire but if you are a great candidate and have a different schedule we can talk about that right up front. Thanks ...the Carve team. This job is only listed on Stack Overflow: What's the job? Information security consulting: assessing the security of software and hardware systems. Understanding how systems are built and learning how to break them. Working with our experienced team on short-to-medium term engagements. What would you do? Every two to three weeks you'll get a new project to work on. A typical project will involve: Recon: Digging into the functionality, design, and implementation of the software system or device. Probing: Searching for implementation weaknesses which could indicate a security issue. This is a combination of tools that we use, tools that we build, and manual probing. For device projects this can include firmware extraction, analysis, and hardware interfacing. Extending: Now that you've found a weakness... how far can you extend your access into the system? Writing: Now that you've hacked your way in you'll need to write-up your findings and work with the developers to make sure they understand what the problem is and how to fix it. If you enjoy puzzles and technical variety you'll find this job very enjoyable. Who are we looking for? You do not need to have information security experience. If you've got the right technical background and problem solving skills we can train you in the dark arts of infosec. People who enjoy writing code, solving problems with code, and learning how computers work at a fundamental level. This is not a "travel every week" type of consultant. We do sometimes work at a client site but most of the time we do our projects remotely. We’re hiring for all experience levels: from zero career experience to information security veterans. Skills & Requirements Deep experience in software and computers. You may have earned this experience with a degree, career as a software developer, or perhaps you've invested in a technical hobby that took you deep into the rabbit hole. Technical writing skills (English) Resident of the USA and able to be employed in the USA. We encourage remote candidates to reply
*if* they are residents of the USA.
Life at Carve Systems About Carve Systems We’re a team of security consultants who do more than hack. We combine engineering and consulting expertise to act as trusted advisors to the world’s largest companies. Working at Carve lets you learn from some of the best and brightest in security - and they aren’t just on our team. We believe in engaging with the broader security community to stay on top of our game. You’ll have the opportunity to attend conferences, conduct research, and expand your horizons outside of project-based work. We always enjoy the endorphin rush from finally exploiting "that bug", but we make a long-term effort to master both technical and consulting skills.We are not chained to our computers. We like to stand up and get outside. We trail run, play music, ride bikes, and enjoy well-rounded lives. We believe that wellness and happiness compounds our joys in life and leads to more success in work. We work at a long-term, sustainable pace and actively encourage and help our consultants to pursue their interests outside of security and technology.We have offices in the New York City and consultants in Denver, Atlanta, Madrid, and Chicago but any location will do for the right candidate. Please ping us if you're interested and we look forward to answering questions about our fun interview process! Benefits Results Oriented Workplace Fully paid health insurance for you and your family Work in NYC, Colorado, or remotely Annual training and conference budget Time to focus: only ~1 hour of meetings/week + client meetings All the tools you need to get the job done Support for independent security research and speaking Whatever vacation you need to do your best work. Extract revenge on the software that has haunted your dreams.
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