Devops Lead

Coalesce — Company based in NYC

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As a devops lead, you will create and guide internal devops processes, toolsets and software. You will be responsible for making sure our platforms are secure, efficient and redundant. You will remove each and every barrier that would keep development team from executing faster and provide them with full stack support. You will gain exposure to a variety of technologies and engineering disciplines as we build and maintain multiple projects with different requirements.

This Candidate Will:
- Design and developing systems alongside our architecture and development teams. 
- Optimizing our client’s platforms by providing regular monitoring and code level recommendations to developers. 
- Maintain and secure all of our environments. 
- Create deployment pipelines for our development teams. 
- Manage client website uptime monitoring and outages. 
- Manage our monitoring and alerting system(s).
- Be responsible for maintaining benchmarks for load testing and performance optimization.

The ideal candidate has:
- Experience with Docker
- Experience with Kubernetes is a plus. 
- Experience with Linux Administration.
- Experience with Apache, Nginx, PHP7, and MySQL
- Experience with Wordpress
- Experience with Node.js, React JS, and PHP
- Experience with AWS services - EC2, ELB, RDS, Route 53, S3, Security Groups, Active Directory, IAM, Aurora
- Experience with optimizing applications to increase platform efficiency
- Experience optimizing firewalls and mitigating DDoS attacks
- Experience with OWASP top 10 best practices


Coalesce is a full-stack product shop that solves a spectrum of digital problems using technology, design, and creative tenacity. We build products to solve problems for businesses, brands, and brave souls with great ideas.

We choose work that inspires us, technology-based or not. We like working with creative and passionate individuals who have the drive to push their product forward and the trust to let us do our best work. Before we jump into a product, we assess the fit of the client with our shop. We believe a great fit begets a great product.

How to apply

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