Fullstack Engineer/Tech lead - Help us to disrupt Retail software!

Concrete — Company based in London, UK

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Ever thought about leading a bunch of extremely talented engineers working on engaging and beautiful applications on mobile and desktop platforms? How about branching out to VR and AR? Do you like to work in a fast-paced environment with a fantastic product team? Do you feel like your current job is just a job and you have to fight for flexible hours, ability to work from home, and your innovation time is reduced to an occasional hackathon? Are you tired of various business stakeholders treating you like a waiter in a fast-food restaurant? If the answer is yes, then read on and hit that 'Apply Now' button, because we are different!

At Concrete we work hard to create a perfect environment for our engineers. We don't have a Michelin star chef to serve your lunch but we do have an established working from home policy so you can spend more time with your family. We also don't have a barista on-site to serve your almond milk latte, but we are flexible - you can start your day in the office at any time providing you make it for our daily standup (because it is important! and yes, we do have a very good coffee machine).

This time we are looking for a Senior Fullstack engineer to take ownership and guide our multi-skilled development team. You will be working alongside management and the backend lead to deliver applications for a new retail platform using the very latest JavaScript technologies and Frameworks.

We are constantly building new applications for our clients - Marks and Spencer, GAP and many more. Working on a real-time collaboration software is challenging - you will have to learn new technologies and prototype new apps at a speed of light, but not because it is a high-pressure environment, simply because you like to see your code working in production. That said, we don't tolerate sloppy coding - for every single line of code we write, there is almost always a line of unit-testing code.

If you're a frontend lead right now or a driven senior engineer with a burning desire for a career progression and a skillset to match - get in touch!

Skills & Requirements

Must have

  • Strong experience developing web apps and mobile-first websites
  • 5+ years experience in development using modern stacks / frameworks / technologies
  • An expert understanding of Javascript (ES6) 
  • Experience with OO and MVC design patterns
  • Understanding of functional programming
  • Solid experience with React/Redux/Redux-saga
  • Solid experience with Node.js
  • Knowledge of when and how to apply design patterns
  • Good grasp of functional programming and SOLID principles
  • TDD/Unit testing
  • Clean code is your second nature
  • Experience with testing frameworks such as jest, mocha, chai etc...
  • Experience developing SaaS products
  • Previous experience of managing, mentoring and coaching teams of engineers
  • Worked previously in an international environment
  • Links to existing work or projects on Git
  • Experience with AWS

Nice to have

  • Other programming languages (Go, Rust)
  • Experience designing APIs from scratch
  • Kubernetes/Docker
  • Exposure to event-sourcing architecture
  • Experience with CQRS