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Hello Alessio,

Greetings from Enago!
Veronica here! I handle recruitment for Enago-Publication Support. 
We are currently hiring freelance academic peer-reviewers and journal experts with expertise under Physical Science and Engineering who can help select appropriate journals and perform peer review for manuscripts to advise authors about their areas of improvement. 
This role will require careful selection of the most suitable journals to submit for manuscripts and/or the complete critical peer review.
Please read more about our freelancer role and selection process below. If interested, please click on ‘Apply now’.
Freelance Peer Reviewers:
The most important goal of this service is to improve an article’s chance of being published in a particular journal through critical analysis of the manuscript covering various parameters like structure, content, study design, significance and novelty of the study, in addition to journal compatibility, language, fluency, etc.
·         Provide a detailed review of each section of manuscript based on the journal guidelines.
·         Highlight the current status of manuscript and recommend key improvement areas
·         Provide useful actionable comments on how to enhance the quality of manuscript. These comments should address the following:
o    Originality of research
o    Significance to field
o    Soundness of study design
o    Ethical soundness
o    Sufficiency of data analysis
o    Clarity, Organization and structure
o    Adequacy of literature review
o    Evidence supported conclusions
·         Critically analyse and provide suggestions for manuscript compatibility with the following three areas:
o    Journal scope
o    Journal coverage
o    Journal quality
·         Ensure that the volume of data provided in the manuscript is adequate to support research objectives and further enhance the chances of the manuscript for publication. Check whether the experiments conducted are discussed adequately in “Results” and “Discussion” sections.
·         Provide constructive criticism for the format and language of the manuscript that is respectful of our peers in the community.
Freelance Journal Experts:
This service aims to help the author present his research in the best suited journal and convey it to the right target audience. As a JSA Expert, you’d be required to review the manuscript and suggest appropriate journals using some guided factors:
·         Analyse the manuscript vis-à-vis journals, in the desired research field and recommend best suited journals to publish the author’s manuscript.
·         Provide suggestions and/or developmental areas in the manuscript that would contribute towards preparation of a Quality manuscript by the author for journal submission.
·         Provide a critical analysis of suitability of the manuscript with the journal’s scope and aim based on parameters such as:
o    Scope of research area of manuscript vis-à-vis that of the journal
o    Compatibility of manuscript attributes (structure, length, word count, manuscript type etc.) with journal guidelines.
o    Future research areas mentioned by author, which would contribute towards higher-end research activities for other researchers/journal audience.
·         Deliver a high quality JSA report best suited for the author requirements like impact factor range, target audience, etc.
·         Ensure that the quality of language used in the report is scientific, understandable, and considerate.
Selection Process
1)      We examine your CV/resume and check whether your overall profile meets our requirements.
2)      We send you a doctored sample designed to test your peer reviewing skills and subject matter expertise.
3)      If selected, we share with you the required documentation to get you started.
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