DevOps Engineer

Density Inc. — Company based in San Francisco, Syracuse, New York City

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When someone installs Density in a location, they get access to real time, accurate people count. Our API is the foundational component that customers rely on when integrating and interacting with our data. Making people-count data highly available, in a real-time setting, means all underlying systems must be continuously operational and ready to scale at a moment's notice.

We’re looking for an engineer to take the helm of our infrastructure and grow it to handle the needs of our product. This means playing a large role in both the hardware and software teams, crafting the deployment, orchestration, and management systems to power Density.

While Density is a remote-friendly company, we have offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Syracuse, NY.

This position reports to Density's Head of Product.

Here's what we're looking for
  • - Strong writing skills; ability to craft clear and concise documentation
  • - Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration
  • - Experience with automation and configuration management using Ansible, Chef, Puppet or an equivalent
  • - Experience with deployment orchestration using Nomad, Consul, and Docker
  • - Knowledge of the AWS stack
  • - Ability to design and manage CI / CD pipelines (CircleCi)
  • - Strong grasp of modern Python development
  • - Experience with management of networking and VPNs
  • - Experience managing software change control and software review systems such as Gerrit
  • - Experience managing software releases across multiple git repositories
  • - Experience with relational, non-relational, and timeseries data stores

Icing on the cake
  • - An academic background in Computer Science (BSc or MSc) or equivalent
  • - Experience building APIs and web applications (Django, Flask, Rails, etc)
  • - Familiar with software build systems such as CMake, Autotools, and Make
  • - Familiar with repo aggregators such as Android's git-repo


We’re a close knit team of thoughtful designers, creative engineers, and versatile operations personnel. We’re looking for people who carry a diversity of thought, a willingness to be or become multi-disciplinary, and for those with a deep appreciation for quality.

We design a sensor that anonymously counts people. Our customers, who manage more than 100 million sqft of space, deploy Density to understand how people use these vast physical networks.

Our business model is hardware as a service. We charge customers a recurring license to access and use the valuable data Density generates.

We believe the challenge of human load-balancing is fundamental, fascinating, and global. We have not publicly disclosed our institutional funding but Density is a venture backed company.

How to apply