Java Backend Developer

Dillon Software, Inc. — Company based in Whitefish, MT

via Stack Overflow Careers

Dillon Software is a team of 30 highly skilled system architects, designers, and developers delivering web and mobile applications to clients in the entertainment, financial and manufacturing industries.  Our core strengths are Java technologies and relational databases, web, iOS, and Android applications.  For the right candidate, we offer challenging long-term projects, a large degree of creative input, location and scheduling flexibility, and the opportunity to interact with a great bunch of people who are at the top of their respective fields.

We strive for perfection as much as possible.  Service and quality are what distinguish us from our competitors.  If you're accustomed to delivering "good enough", this is not the right position for you.  Code formatting, variable names, unit test structure, appropriate use of whitespace, spelling, and grammar in comments and written communications - all these things are very important to us.  Great code is like a race car - high functionality and performance for the intended task, but every detail is beautiful and thoroughly engineered.

Based in beautiful Whitefish, Montana, we have a diverse team of remote professionals from New York to California and points in between.  You must be very comfortable working on a geographically dispersed team - and you must have the personality type that allows others to feel comfortable working with you.