Product Designer (100% remote)

Dradis Framework — Company based in London, UK

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Product designers at Security Roots are always working on different things. You may be working on polishing up an existing feature, pitching and designing something brand new, or fundamentally rethinking how we do something.

What we offer and what we are looking for:

You'll be a trusted and key member of our team, and this is (some of) what you'll end up doing on a day-to-day basis:
  • - You must write well-structured HTML/CSS. Basic Javascript or Rails skills are a plus, but not required.
  • - You will design and craft, implement and contribute your changes working closely with the rest of our great team.
  • - We are a small team that creates a product that's used by 1,000s of IT Security professionals around the world every day. Your impact will be felt. You'll help us improve our product, and in doing so, will be making the lifes of all of our users better.
  • - You'll have a chance to rethink our basic assumptions and of exploring new concepts. Your creativity, input and direction is welcomed and appreciated.
  • - You'll become an expert in how IT Security (i.e. ethical hacking) teams work and how our product can help them (btw, if you know where the "Dradis" name comes from, thisĀ *may* just be the perfect job for you!).
This is a full-time position for the right candidate and it has an immediate start date. Work 100% remotely.


If you're a good fit, this will be the best job you'll ever have.

The money is not going to be a problem - we take into account where you're based and you will be making more than others in your region. You might not get filthy rich, but you'll also not have to worry about money.
  • Your work/life balance will be respected like never before (take time off as needed, no less than 4 weeks).
  • You will have an impact on the company.
  • You will be encouraged and supported in your personal and professional growth.
  • You will be allowed to do your best work, which competitors will copy.

You will have a lot of choice about what to work on.
  • You will participate in our yearly company retreats and be sent to conferences and training visits with other employees.
  • You will have great hardware and tools to work with.
  • You will be part of a new kind of company: small, global, user-centered.
  • You will learn, A TON.

How to apply