CyberSecurity Expert (Remote Contract)

Duelit — Company based in Ney York, New York, United States

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Company Description

—————This is a %100 remote position—————

Duelit is a venture-backed mobile skill gaming platform that allows users to bet with their friends on the games they play. Our app allows people to compete with each other playing simple games like replicas of Candy Crush, Tetris, Beer Pong etc. all within one app. What's special with our app is that we send the winner their money via PayPal! We also organize eSports tournaments, where many users can compete to win a big cash prize. We are a small team, and work 100% remotely!

Job Description

We are currently looking for an experienced Cyber-Security Expert, that will work with our whole system in order to improve it by identifying and fixing any security weak spots and enhance the system’s security against possible hacks.

In this role, you will get to be on the front-lines of an early-stage venture-backed startup! You will have the autonomy to make your own decisions regarding the security of our servers, Android and iOS apps, and grow with the company.

Contract Terms:
  • The contract is based on the deliverable, not time
  • After you finished securing the system, 2 separate ethical hackers will try to penetrate the system. You are also responsible for fixing those breaches before the contract ends
  • Part-time or full-time is ok
  • If you perform well and want to join our team, we can certainly discuss it

Things We Will Check:

We will ask the ethical hackers we hire to do their own tests but also ask them to check at the minimum the security of the following components:
  • Server
  • Database
  • Both mobile apps
  • Unity
  • Firebase
  • Website (landing page)
  • The connections between the server, firebase, apps, landing page
  • Any connection with PayPal
  • Any connection with payment processors
  • Man in the middle attack
  • DDOS attack
  • Account take over
  • Injecting scripts into the database
  • Accessing private user information
  • Ways to commit fraud on the platform
  • Surpass/break our geo-lock
  • Commit fraud by gaming our referral system
  • Access the source code from the git repository, server or apps to copy/steal intellectual property

  • Be an interim but important part of the team
  • Identify possible security traits, and defend against them coordinating with the team.
  • Write clean and reusable code, with perfect documentation and test scripts, with no exception
  • Understand project requirements, elicit feedback, and refine solutions accordingly 
  • Work diligently in a virtual team environment, with leaders and teammates located
  • around the world
  • Optimize the existing for security, without affecting the performance or the user experience


Required Skills and Experience

If you lack some of these skills or experiences, we would require you to show us that you can learn the skill fast, or have a very similar skill or experience. The hiring process involves coding challenges to test your technical skills.

  • 2+ years of Cybersecurity experience
  • 1+ years of mobile app security experience
  • Perfect English, both written and verbal
  • Working knowledge of REST connection libraries
  • Knowledge of Firebase as we use it for real-time communication between apps
  • Can write clean code with excellent documentation and unit test scripts
  • Must have strong communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented, with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic virtual environment.
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision while also being a great team player

Preferred Skills and Experience
  • Worked before in a remote environment
  • Worked before as a contract, part-time or freelance
  • Worked with agile methodology before
  • Unity experience
  • Game development experience 
  • Worked in a Gaming company before
  • SDK development experience 
  • Knowing Spanish is an asset (we have many Spanish speaking people in the team)

Additional Information

If working remotely, and being part of the core team of a venture-backed early-stage startup excites you, and you are ready to grow with us, apply!

You can download our iOS app from the App Store and our Android app from our website at, check us out!

How to apply

Apply at this link: