Junior Digital Marketing Specialist (Remote Part-Time)

Duelit — Company based in Ney York, New York, United States

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Company Description

—————This is a %100 remote position—————

Duelit is a venture-backed mobile skill gaming platform that allows users to bet with their friends on the games they play. Our app allows people to compete with each other playing simple games like replicas of Candy Crush, Tetris, Beer Pong etc. all within one app. What's special with our app is that we send the winner their money via PayPal! We also organize eSports tournaments, where many users can compete to win a big cash prize. We are a small team, and work 100% remotely!

Job Description

What You’ll Get Out of This Role
  • In this role, you will get to be in the front-lines of an early-stage venture-backed startup and will have autonomy and responsibility, to make your own decisions, and grow with the company.
  • Work remotely anywhere in the world, while setting your own work hours. Some of our team members travel full time! 
  • Work with our Chief Operations Officer, who is a digital marketing expert that worked on Udacity’s Digital Marketing Program as a teaching assistant
  • No grunt work, your day to day actions will be extremely important and impactful to the companies overall success.
  • You will be able to visibly see fruits of your work in a very short amount of time.

  • Create the company blog, and write articles about our industry
  • Manage the company's social media accounts as well as create visually appealing assents to be posted on Social Media.
  • Create and foster online communities in sites like Reddit and Quora
  • Work diligently in a virtual team environment, with leaders and teammates located around the world
  • Help with Customer Support and help the team revise the product based on the feedback we get from our users


Required Skills and Experience

If you lack some of these skills or experiences, we would require you to show us that you can learn the skill fast, or have a very similar skill or experience. The interview process involves marketing challenges to test your knowledge of the topic.
  • Perfect English skills, both spoken and written. Can talk to team members and users professionally and clearly in English, with excellent communication skills.
  • Knowledge and experience using the main social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Eager to learn topics such as Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Customer Support, UI Design, etc, to become an expert digital marketer.
  • Responsible, disciplined and can work remotely without someone babysitting them and finishing their deliverables with the highest quality on time.
  • Open to feedback, ambitious, self-motivated and looking to develop themselves.
  • Detail-oriented, with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Willing to measure, learn and iterate based on what worked and what didn't, and report these findings clearly.

Preferred Skills and Experience

These are skills and experiences that are not required for this job but would be very beneficial for this position.
  • Worked before in a remote environment
  • Wrote a blog before
  • Previously worked in a marketing role
  • Created online communities before
  • Is an active member of Reddit and Quora
  • Have design skills and know-how to use design tools
  • Have video editing skills and know-how to use video editing tools
  • Worked as a Content Marketer, Social Media Manager, Customer Support Specialist or a UI Designer as before

Additional Information

If working remotely, and being part of the core team of a venture-backed early-stage startup excites you, and you are ready to grow with us, apply!

Just to note, as we hire from around the world, and we work 100% remotely, the wages we offer are not US/EU wages. If you are from these regions, the wages would probably not be what you expect.

You can download our iOS app from the App Store and our Android app from our website at www.duelit.com, check us out!

How to apply

Apply at this link: