Product and UX Focused .NET Developer

Enliven — Company based in St. Louis, MO

via Stack Overflow Careers

Enliven creates software products that make people's lives more enjoyable. We are people-minded software experts who love to build high-value software for our clients. Our process is design-led, meaning we start and end with user experience. Our approach to building software is characterized by a focus on the right solution for the job, iterative development and continued validation and improvement.

We are a small cross-functional team that builds new software products for (mostly) big companies in healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture and beyond. Here are a couple of quick examples:

Earlier this year we launched a new security product which extensively monitors active directory based infrastructure for nuanced security vulnerabilities. It's a big deal for our client and we had a ton of fun building it.

Right now, we're working with Tower Grove Community Development Corporation to launch a custom tenant screening platform. They're awesome folks and we're really happy to be able to help them scale their operations and help more people in St. Louis and beyond.

Both the above are built using the latest .NET platform and tooling.