Software Engineer – Backend (Ruby | Java | Python) [REMOTE - Bangalore, India] — Company based in Singapore

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Job Description / Responsibilities 

We are hiring an experienced Software Engineer - Backend familiar with Ruby, Java, and/or Python. This position requires a minimum of 1 year’s experience and full-time commitment. You will be required to work approximately within’s business hours in Singapore.

We are based in Singapore, so this is a remote position for candidates working from their own home/office setup, with strict security and confidential information requirements. 

Only individual applicants will be considered in joining our team. Outsourcing companies or existing programmer teams will NOT be considered.

You will need to be fluent in English and a webcam and excellent/reliable internet connection is required for remote communication 

This is not a temporary job and you should be open to a long-term engagement. There may be opportunities to travel or relocate to Singapore, depending on performance.

  • You will design, build and enhance components of Evie and the MetaFlow engine that powers it. The MetaFlow Engine is an enterprise platform that reads and writes natural language, handles complex workflows, analyzes and plans for different scenarios and delivers highly personalized behaviours. This means:

    • building new workflows and decision-making algorithms

    • integrating with other web and enterprise services via APIs to deliver more knowledge and context

    • enhancing the platform's natural language understanding & generation capabilities 

  • You will need to work closely with a small, insanely great team in a mixed environment of Ruby and Python, backed by PostgreSQL operating in a modern hybrid environment of relational and unstructured(NoSQL) data.

 Job Requirements / Qualifications
  • You’re smart, self-motivated, driven and excited about solving problems to deliver an amazing user experience

  • You enjoy working with other great engineers in a fast-paced environment and get a thrill from coming up with beautiful, elegant solutions to complex problems

  • You’re interested in solving business problems using intelligent agents that interact with people using natural language

  • You have a BA/BSc in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent. A MSc or PhD in a relevant field is a plus

  • You have an agile, flexible mind that thrives on quickly learning & integrating new concepts (we operate on the cutting edge!) and are familiar with Ruby or Java

Remuneration: Commensurate with skills and experience



Evie is the future of cognitive collaboration - a world where humans and AI assistants work together naturally to intelligently automate business operations and get things done. We deliver cognitive AI assistants that partner with humans to amplify human intelligence and creativity in order to deliver unprecedented operational efficiency and scale. Evie is built on our next-generation cognitive collaboration platform which handles natural language conversations, reasons autonomously and seamlessly orchestrates workflows.

Why us?

  • You'll be inventing the future of work! Evie is the first of many enterprise AI workers that will transform the way companies operate

  • We’re Stanford & Yahoo alums who have a ton of industry experience and we have awesome investors including SG Innovate, the University of Tokyo Edge Capital and SeedPlus

  • We’re an engineering-driven company tackling hard (and interesting) technical problems and building foundational technology that will power the Intelligent Enterprise of the future

  • We’re young, growing fast and going global, so you’ll get to experience the energy of a startup in its earliest days 

How to apply

  • Updated resume detailing work experience including any major freelance work, education/training background, city and country of residence
  • Notice period (if any)