Blockchain Application Developer

Exchange Union — Company based in Shanghai

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  1. Design and develop blockchain products, study blockchain protocol, operation mechanism and protocol layer realization.
  2. Build the system architecture based on blockchain, so as to realize the logic of consortium blockchain, public chain, side chain, private chain and multi currency.
  3. Develop smart contracts and infrastructure.
  4. Combine blockchain and application with technological innovation.
  5. Track new technology in the area of blockchain.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in major of mathematics or computer science related.
  2. Two years’ experience in blockchain application development.
  3. Master in JAVA or C++ or Golang language.
  4. Master in Solidity language for smart contract development.
  5. Experience in open source blockchain development in BTC, Ethereum is preferred.
  6. Experience in study of blockchain application and technology is preferred.

Salary range

80-120K USD/year


Exchange Union is an open source project, developing a node software called XUD, short for “Exchange Union Daemon” XUDs are operated by independent digital asset exchanges, which form the decentralized Exchange Union Network. The technology enables instant, secure and trustless trades of different digital assets between exchanges

How to apply

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