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As a Software Engineer at IOHK you are responsible for writing high-quality code for our products. You have the exciting challenge of working with cutting-edge research and technology with a focus on the market's needs. To support you on this challenge, our products have software architects, product managers, project managers, formal methods specialists and QA test engineers, with whom you must communicate professionally, effectively and efficiently. 
●        Follow agile software development practices 
●        Work with teams across multiple time zones
●        Work independently on software development tasks 
●        Be proactive and require minimal supervision or mentoring to complete tasks 
●        Review specifications produced by architects and formal methods specialists 
●        Contribute to the design of algorithms 
●        Write clean, straightforward, efficient code that satisfies previously agreed acceptance criteria and specifications 
●        Commit often and submit small pull requests frequently 
●        Cover your code with unit, property and integration tests when applicable 
●        Review the pull requests of your team mates 
●        Fix bugs in your own code and in legacy code from others 
●        Be available for emergency fixing of severity 1 issues on deployed products 
●        Integrate software components and third-party libraries 
●        Verify and deploy programs and systems 
●        Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing software 
●        Write documentation for the code 
●        Write technical user manuals 
●        Be knowledgeable of distributed and concurrent computation 
●        Be knowledgeable of the basics of cryptography
Key Competencies 
  • Write idiomatic code that satisfies the acceptance criteria of a given task
  • Write tests (unit tests, property tests) that provide sufficient and non-superfluous efficient code coverage.
  • Document code and APIs concisely and unambiguously
  • Break down tasks into sub-tasks that are completable in a short amount of time and report completion as required by managers
  • Pragmatically adhere to software engineering principles (modularity, incremental development, no premature optimization, no feature creep, no speculative generality, ...)
Education / Experience  
●        Degree in Computer Science is desirable but not essential  
●        A minimum of 2-3 years development experience with C/C++ but with the ability to demonstrate good knowledge of Rust Programming Language (professional or otherwise) 
●        Experience working with Git and Git workflow 
●        Practical experience with Agile software development methods 
●        Knowledge of functional and object-oriented programming paradigms 
Specialist Skills - for a software engineer specialized in Rust 
●        You’ll have a background of C/C++ Development experience (approx 3 - 5 years) but with the ability to demonstrate good knowledge of Rust Programming Language. 
●        Experience in developing cryptography protocols would be a bonus 
●        HTTP API understanding as well as accessibility and security compliance 

This is a remote based role working with a Distributed team across the EU, we are considering all candidates within the EU. For more information on our Rust project - 
 and our opensource repo's - 


Who are IOHK?  We are a Research driven Engineering company that builds cryptocurrencies and block chains for academic institutions, government entities and corporations. We are a decentralized company that loves small innovative teams forming and executing ideas that cause cascading disruption.  

We are expanding rapidly and are looking to grow all of our teams – please check out our current vacancies here - All roles are remote, have a look, make an application and let’s talk! 

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