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IYUNO MEDIA GROUP — Company based in Seoul, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

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IYUNO is the world’s leading media localization service company that connects video and people. We are the most spotlighted company providing subtitling and dubbing services in multi languages not only to the biggest OTT platform but also international broadcasting companies. For more information, please visit our official website: **iyunomg.com**

IYUNO discovers potential talent at an early stage with extraordinary philosophy and supports them to grow. IYUNO believes the power of collective intelligence and together we are a team player organization that can draw outstanding solutions with innovative thoughts. Sometimes, IYUNO argues decisively but we do respect each individual we meet. IYUNO will try to expand and take new business opportunities to develop our business in sophisticated and systematic ways. To find out more about corporate culture, please visit our official website: **iyunomg.com/news**

Now, we are waiting for you to join us to achieve our goal together. We are looking for a dynamic, self-motivated individual with experiences and skills who is ready for challenges to be:

Korean - English Freelance Translator

Job Descriptions

• Translate and edit (when needed) a wide variety of TV programs from Korean to English
• Operate the subtitle applications and tools
• Liaise with IYUNO’s editor


* any qualifications
* has good internet access as all work is done online
* able to work under tight deadlines
* always alert for emails from project coordinators
* a translation test will be given and only passed applicants will be shortlistedInterested applicants can apply via the link below. It will lead you to the application form.

* LINK: https://goo.gl/QenXQt. YOU MUST APPLY VIA THE FORM. Copy paste the link into a new tab and it will lead you to the form.

Thank you.