Jerry (YC S17) is hiring senior software developers (remote) 资深软件工程师 (远程)


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Jerry Ai 是总部位于美国加州硅谷的高科技创新公司,目前在纽约州和加拿大魁北克省均设有分部。 公司由美国名校博士联合创立,联合创始人具有硅谷连续创业经验, 公司已获得美国顶级VC投资。 旗下产品利用大数据和人工智能技术与美国金融机构和保险公司进行数据对接与合作,从而为用户打造最快捷便利的人工智能金融和保险产品选购平台。


  • 设计、开发、测试、部署、维护和改进软件
  • 合理安排各个项目的优先顺序,确保项目按期完成并实现目标成果


  • 本科及以上学历,计算机,软件工程相关专业
  • 4年以上工作经验,具有一定相关团队建设经验者优先考虑
  • 具备扎实的软件开发基础知识(数据结构,算法等等)
  • 熟悉现代javascript (ES6+).
  • 熟悉javascript工具链以及常用的库.
  • 熟悉Web前段框架,如ReactJs, Vue.js等. 了解服务器端渲染技术,以及React Native移动端开发
  • 了解javascript的最佳实践和一些常用的设计模式。具备编写高效简洁的javascript代码。
  • 会编写和维护规范的测试集。有维护和管理大型代码repo的相关经验并且知道如何维护repo
  • 具备良好的英文沟通能力。
  • 年龄不限


  • 熟练运用GraphQL以及Apollo
  • 相关产品开发经验




  • 年薪15-25万(优异者可商谈)
  • 业务表现优秀者可协助办理加拿大签证移民

如果您感兴趣,请把您的英文简历发至:[email protected] (邮件主题字段必须包含:资深软件工程师-中国)或点击申请,我们会尽快和您取得联系。


Think insurance shopping is painful and time-consuming? We thought so too. That is why we built to create the easiest experience for our users. Enabled by disruptive technologies, aims for the one-click user experience in financial product offerings which traditionally requires users to fill out long forms.

Based in Silicon Valley, we are looking for engineer talents to join our distributed office. We are backed by Y-combinator, SV Angel, Funders Club, and many other prominent Silicon Valley Investors. is founded by serial entrepreneurs who previously built and scaled YourMechanic (“Uber for car repair,” the nation’s largest on-demand car repair site).

About the role:

We are looking for experienced software engineers who love tackling convoluted problems and coming up with clean, stable solutions that scale. The ideal candidate would be someone who has a genuine passion for designing and implementing elegant software solutions. They would also be intimately familiar (and up to date) with their development ecosystem for making sound decisions when it comes to choosing the right tool or library for the job. We expect our senior engineers to be able to contribute across the entire product stack, as well as collectively oversee the integrity of the codebase.

Our technical stack:

  • Javascript (with Flow) codebase: NodeJS (Express), React, React Native
  • GraphQL API (no REST)
  • PostgreSQL DB (transactional)
  • ClickHouse (columnar DB for data warehousing)
  • Redis (session storage, task queue management)
  • Sequelize ORM (exploring Prisma as a potential replacement)
  • Jest test runner
  • Infrastructure: Docker images orchestrated with Kubernetes, Ksonnet. Currently all hosted on AWS.

Technical requirements:

  • B.S. degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
  • 4+ years of experience as professional software engineer.
  • Strong software development fundamentals (data structures, algorithms, etc.).
  • Expert level familiarity with modern Javascript (ES6+: Classes, modules, arrow functions, async/await, destructuring, etc.).
  • Intimate knowledge of JS ecosystem (tooling, libraries, etc.).
  • Expert level familiarity with React (web frontend, server-side rendering, and React Native on mobile platforms).
  • Knowledge of good practices, preferred design patterns, and writing idiomatic Javascript code.
  • Deep understanding of performance implications and scalability of code.
  • Keenness for writing good, meaningful tests and maintaining thorough test coverage.
  • Experience with large, complex code bases and know how to maintain them.
  • Experience with GraphQL and Apollo a big plus.


  • Lead design and development of projects, either independently or in a team.
  • Assist with recruitment, interviewing, and hiring new team members.
  • Provide mentorship to junior team members and participate in design decisions.
  • Be the gatekeeper of the codebase and ensure that it stays stable, readable, and free of technical debt.