AWS DevOps Engineer

JuliusWorks — Company based in New York

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Headquarters: New York

We are looking for a talented DevOps engineer who specializes in AWS and Docker. This person will work closely with our Head of Engineering to maintain and expand existing systems, as well as offer recommendations for future systems. Comfort and experience in working with databases of over a billion rows is a must.

  • For starters, a strong background with Docker is a must.
  • You’ll definitely have worked with EC2 using Auto Scaling Groups and immutable instances
  • Using Aurora with billions of rows is exciting, not terrifying
  • Now that we have all that data in Aurora, you know exactly how to move it into Redshift using DMS
  • Don’t forget to manage the large Elasticsearch clusters that make that data instantly searchable
  • Of course, we’re going to move that data into Elasticsearch using Logstash, but you knew that right?
  • Scaling a heavy load RabbitMQ cluster to manage background tasks is no sweat
  • You’ve worked with an alphabet soup of AWS technologies before, right? Listing them out (Athena, Batch, CloudFront, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, EFS, EMR, IAM, Kinesis, KMS, Lambda, Rekognition, Route53, S3, SES, SNS and VPC) would be a waste of time because you’ve mastered them all.
  • And to top it all off, you build it all on Terraform and keep things tidy in GitHub

Bonus Points
You’ve worked with and scaled Rancher v1 clusters with dozens of hosts and hundreds of containers and you deploy it all using Drone CI.

To apply: