Java and More Developer

Market News — Company based in North or South America

via Working Nomads

Delivering data fast is what we do. You will join a team responsible for the ultra-low-latency AlphaFlash economic data feed. The job involves far more than just basic server-side Java programming - you'll build web applications, write web scrapers, and manage hundreds of processes running on multiple cloud providers. We look for developers who are generalists and who like picking up new skills. You may have to work with low-level network protocols at one point, and then later work with natural language processing. We don't expect you to know everything, but we do expect you to be able to learn new technologies and techniques.

The development team is small, with 2 very experienced and highly skilled developers, and we are looking for a 3rd developer. The company is an accredited news agency with good upper management. Everybody focuses on success and gets along well. Although the pace is quick, we don't want burnout, so we keep sane working hours and respect your time off.

We have less than 100 people worldwide, most of them reporters, but have competed successfully for decades against behemoths like Bloomberg and Dow Jones. We are good at what we do, and we can respond to customer needs with agility that the big boys can't match.

The technical team (developers and IT staff) is spread around the United States, and we are looking for a developer that can keep typical work hours on US eastern or central time to facilitate communication with the other team members. We have offices in Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C. where you can work, but we also have team members that work remotely.

We will consider candidates of all skill levels. You need to have a very solid core Java knowledge. Other experience, such as Sprint Boot, Angular and network protocols, is definitely nice to have, but the attitude you bring to the job is ultimately the most important criteria. We are looking for flexibility, curiosity, attention to detail, and ability to solve sometimes-difficult problems. Your willingness and ability to learn new technologies is important.

You can work either in or out of the United States. If you are in the United States, we are only considering candidates who can work in the US without requiring visa sponsorship. If you are outside the United States, you have to be in North or South America (to minimize the spread across time zones), and your English must be excellent.

Our online application does ask a lot of questions about technologies. We don't expect you to know them all; your answers just help us to understand what you do know so we won't ask you questions about topics you haven't learned yet.

Must have:

  • Excellent Core Java skills
  • Comfort working in a Linux environment
  • Be qualified to work in the United States without a visa

Nice to have:

  • Experience with Groovy or some other dynamic language (Ruby, JavaScript)
  • Experience with multi-tier web applications using modern JavaScript frameworks, including relational database modeling, creating web services and using an ORM
  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms
  • Network transport and high-level messaging, such as TCP/UDP and JMS
  • Experience with gradle (preferred) or Maven
  • Experience with unit testing and continuous integration (e.g. JUnit, Spock, JMock)
  • Good architecture and design skills
  • Ability to manage projects from inception to deployment
  • Functional programming in Java or Scala
  • C# and Windows programming
  • Familiarity with Jenkins and Artifactory
  • Configuration management experience (Puppet or equivalent)
  • DevOps experience