Analytics Rockstar/ Master Project Manager

Morning Team, LLC — Company based in Medellin, Colombia

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We are offering a Remote position to join our rapidly growing company as a trader, analyst and manager in the music tickets industry.

  • Research: you will conduct daily research to spot and inform purchasing opportunities using previous data, proprietary processes, and reports – some that you will create, and some that will be provided to you.
  • Acquisitons: you will be purchasing 6 days per week to master the fundamentals. From there, you will be expected to lead the purchasing team who will be buying based on your research.
  • Problem-Solving: you will be responsible for staying on top of trends and changes in the industry that can alter the complexity of purchasing. You will be responsible for solving problems that come up using a comprehensive, systematic methodology.
  • Analysis: you will be responsible for reviewing your own analysis on a weekly, monthly, and especially quarterly basis to improve your decisions, maximize ROI, and minimize mistakes.
  • Project Management: in addition to purchasing, you will manage various projects with members of the team – many of which will be entirely your responsibility to plan, execute, and complete with minimal supervision.

A candidate must have:
  • Flexibility to move to Medellín, Colombia for an initial training period of 4 months beginning in late 2018. After, this is a remote position.
  • Significant experience with Microsoft Excel where you have managed large, connected databases and know how to effortlessly manipulate data
  • Willingness to work 6 days per week during your initial training period under high pressure.

The ideal candidates has: 
  • Process-driven experience working from SOPs and creating SOPs.
  • A robust personal organization system for managing tasks and follow-ups.
  • Strong interest in markets (previous trading experience is a plus).
  • Remote work experience and entrepreneurial experience (preferred).
  • Superstar accountability. You will be expected to act as an owner of the company.

Interested?  Please submit a preliminary application at: WWW.MORNINGTEAMLLC.COM


Get to work with founders and a virtually distributed team directly to understand a rapidly changing concert ticket market and stay ahead of the competition, while doing so ethically and managing risk.  We are a remotely distributed, tight knit family. We get together quarterly as a management team and yearly as an entire team, and have a lot of fun while working extremely hard.  Start your day and stay effective, optimize process, leverage our team, and learn to create new streams of income. Sign off and enjoy, whether you are in Medellin, Colombia, or Barcelona, Spain. Long term commitment only. Growth and salary uncapped.

How to apply

We are going to ask you just a few questions to understand how you'd solve some crazy problems with us. Not too much sweat, we promise - just follow us to