Senior Site Reliability Engineer


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Unlike most IT vendors who use commodity engineers to address each project in the same way, Nagarro’s intelligent and passionate experts help leading technology firms address complex, multi-disciplinary challenges in innovative, cost-effective and game-changing ways. Our customers rely on us to keep pace with new expectations, new possibilities and new competitors because the world is changing faster every day. 


Application Development

Agile application development is at the core of Nagarro’s DNA, our team help our clients build next-gen software solutions and business critical systems.

Independent Testing & Validation

Driven by our PROVEN testing methodology, our IV&V experts use automation tools as an integral part of the test strategy to ensure high quality software.

Cloud Services and Security

Nagarro’s Cloud & Security CoE can help you define and execute a sound cloud strategy, helping you navigate complex compliance and security challenges with ease.

User Experience

Our team of UX specialists‚ designers and thinkers help drive user delight by crafting user-centric experiences. 

Product Engineering

Our experts partner with some of the world’s leading software product companies to create cutting-edge consumer and enterprise software. 


Innovation partner to a leading European bank

Nagarro has delivered 50+ turnkey projects through a secured development center set up dedicatedly for the client. The solutions encompass a wide spectrum including mobile banking, net banking, telebanking, social media analytics and legacy transformation and modernization. 

Calendar application for mobile and wearables 

Nagarro offers product co-development services to a leading provider of cloud-based conferencing solutions. A calendar application has been developed for both mobile and wearables which helps users to schedule, view and edit events by synchronizing with multiple calendar services. This application won the best wearable app of 2015 in the “Business Tools” category.

Process analytics to help optimize jet engine manufacturing

Nagarro helps stabilize the complicated manufacturing of composite fan blades for commercial jet engines with a unique process analytics solution that uses advanced statistical models and approaches. Installed at five global sites, this system helps cement the client’s industry leadership.