Kickass Python Backend Developer

Seez — Company based in Beirut, Lebanon

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Be a part of a growing startup and join us in changing how people buy cars

Seez is looking for a kickass backend python engineer. We're looking for someone with a wide breadth of skills. Specifically, we need a person that can rotate around and solve many different backend jobs as our current engineers are doing. The tasks include: API building and maintenance, working with databases, deployment of services, building web scrapers and much more. The main point for us is flexibility/general-pupose. Our entire stack is based on python and as a result we'd prefer to work with someone with previous experience working with that. We are flexible with what stage of your career you are in and the salary will be based on that.

You will be a part of a distributed team in the middle east and europe, with possibility to work anywhere (preferably close to UTC). We would also love to have you at one of our offices. Your role will be to help make a great product that many people will use and love. You will have freedom, you will be challenged, you will not be shut down due to bureacracy, your voice will be heard. We are looking to hire - no freelancers or consultants. We value communication very highly and you will be expected to participate and join discussions in product development as well as company direction, lastly, you are not a code monkey. We have a very free and openminded culture and are preferably looking for someone with the same mentality.

We use slack extensively and employ very little hierarchy, you are free to speak your mind, come up with ideas and be a part of our community. Even though Seez is a startup and in the real world, funds are limited, we value our employees highly and acknowledge that a great developer should be paid a competitive salary.

Our ideal candiate has the following characteristics

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience working on backend related programming
  • Your education is less important than your ability to challenge yourself and write code (We’d rather see a beautiful GitHub profile than a fancy degree).
  • You care greatly about code quality.
  • You take pride in what you do, but welcome critique
  • Prior experience in working with Scrum and, or Agile methodologies.
  • Good communication skills and willingness to work in a team.
  • Perfect reading, writing and talking skills in English
  • A lot of good ideas and constantly following the latest trends in your field

Technology and tools in order of importance:

Python DBMS knowledge - writing SQL and designing schemas Docker (we use it extensively) CLI wizardry Other general backend related tasks (webcrawling, devops, web-development)

We value growing our team and there will be plenty of oppurtunities for you to jump into our other projects and get familar with our other projects.