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Serokell — Company based in Remote

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Haskell, remote, blockchain, smart contracts, test framework, computer networks. Still reading? We might have a job for you!

Serokell has started with Haskell and now provides services in scientific research and engineering fields using functional programming languages.
Even though we are young company, we do have quite a few large-scale projects already.

Since our team works remotely, we have a diverse background which makes our everyday communication and workflow creative and fun. In Serokell, there is a horizontal organizational structure and developers have a lot of autonomy.
Our employees work flexible hours in small, friendly teams and we abide by certain principles: as little bureaucracy as possible (no unnecessary meetings, super detailed reports, etc.), work/life balance, and continuous improvement.
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*Necessary (mandatory) skills:*
*Familiarity with the modern ecosystem (be able to use): `text`, `mtl`, basic lenses, Stack/Cabal, type families, Template Haskell (use existing TH generators, not write your own), `QuickCheck/Hedgehog`.

*Knowledge of the most fundamental algorithms and data structures, such as binary search tree, DFS, hashtable, quicksort, etc.

*Solid knowledge of Haskell features. We expect you have written your own typeclass, don't have problems with applicative functors, and know how stuff like ReaderT works.

*Basic knowledge of computer networks (TCP/IP).

*Good-to-have, but not crucial skills:*
interest in and knowledge of blockchains and smart contracts, experience with parsers and interpreters.

How to apply

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