Android Developer

WaveApplication — Company based in Madrid

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The company is now looking for a full-time Experienced Senior Android Developer to grow it's talented team of 25 people. This team will be growing in the next months as we have a thrilling tech adventure coming in the following months and years. 


1.- 3 or more years experience developing with the Android SDK
2.- Experience with Android Studio
3.- Experience with custom layouts
4.- Able to adapt third party and custom made APIs
5.- GIT knowledge
6.- Agile methodologies
7.- MVC paradigm (Model View Controller)
8.- Experience with Android Wear would be desirable
9.- Experience with testing frameworks

The role is based in Madrid with lovely offices close to Bernabeu. Flexible schedules and a clear strategic bet for teleworking. 

Competitive Gross Salary Range + SO Plan


Wave - No more "Where are you's"​

Wave is the simplest way to share your location privately and in real time with your friends and family. To start waving like millions of people already do in more than 150 countries, download Wave for free and get started in 10 seconds. 

Use Wave for: 
- Finding your friends to meet up in the city. 
- Date nights with your loved one. 
- Travelling in unknown cities. 
- Finding friends at concerts and music festivals. 
- Business meetings outside the office. 
- Big sports events. 
- Outdoor sports with friends. 
- Letting your family know you're safe. 
- Coordinating picking up your spouse or your friends. 
- Sharing your location when you're stuck in the traffic. 
- Allowing your family to track your route when driving to avoid distraction.

Main features: 
- 100% private: you will only be found by the ones you choose, when you choose. 
- Global: works all over the world in Android and iOS. 
- Locates your contacts in a private map, in real time and for a limited period of time. 
- Chat, Meeting Point, Group Wave

The following 3 steps are all you need to know to start waving: 

1. Invite the friends and family members you usually meet up with and send them a request so that you can see the location of each other in a private map for a limited time.

2. As soon as the request is accepted, you both see a dynamic map where your icons move as you both do in real life at that moment. You can also chat and set a meeting point. Missing somebody? Don't worry, you can create groups of max.10 people. 

3. Either of you can add more time or expire the existing wave at any moment. If the time you chose expires itself, you automatically stop seeing each other until you decide to open another wave together.

TOGETHER is a wonderful place to be - Wave.

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